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This substrate is recommended for Desert Scorpions, Feigning Death Beetle, Frog Eyed Geckos, Leopard Geckos, Rosy Boa, Sand Boa,  Uromax, Vineagaroon, and many more!


This substrate can go directly into the enclosure, no drainage layer is needed. 


You can achieve a “moist” area for the clean up crew by burrowing some damp sphagnum moss to one corner of the enclosure. Make sure to water this buried moss weekly. This small amount of humidity will not affect your desert animal.

Desert Substrate 24 Qt. Box

  • Our hand-blended substrate includes 11 all-natural ingredients-  hardwoods, leaves, organic material, minerals, and charcoal. Natural organic materials provide nutrients to support plant growth and a clean-up crew. 

    Desert substrate is ideal for animals living in dry desert habitats requiring less than 30% humidity.

    When the recommended 2 ½” depth of substrate is used, the bottom half will retain small amounts of moisture and the top will stay dry. This allows the clean up crew a place to burrow and access a humid area.