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This Golden Petra (Croton petra) comes in a 4” pot. 


We recommend pairing this plant with our Rainforest Substrate. It contains 14 all natural ingredients that will help you plant grow nicely.


With Pets:  We do not recommend placing this plant in a vivarium with an animal that eat plants. Crotons can be  toxic to animals and humans.


Native To: This plant is native to indonesia and malaysia. 


Temperature:  This plant does well in 65°-80°.


Lighting: This plant does well in medium light, but will show its bright colors in bright light.  In hot, bright light provide protection, so the plant does not get sunburn.


Hydration: This plant does ok in dry air, but will do even better in humid conditions. Misting will make it happy! Allow the top of the substrate to dry out in between waterings, watering about 1x a week. It does not like its roots to stay soggy, allow substrate that drains well.


Important note: If you will be using this plant in a vivarium setting with animals, we recommend that all of the soil the plant comes with be washed off prior to placing the new plant in your vivarium. That way you will not accidently bring any unwanted invertebrates into your set up. 


Cold Weather: If you live where the weather will be cold and frosty upon arrival, we recommend contacting us in advance so we can add a heat pack to your shipment. If you choose not to add the heat pack and your plant arrives damaged from the weather, no refund will be given. 


Golden Petra or Croton petra (codieaum variegatum) 4" pot

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