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Mood Moss (Dicranum scoparium) grows in thick, lush green mats. Perfect for high humidity vivariums or terrariums. Whether you are looking for a soft cushion for your critter or creating a little fairy garden of your own, this moss will stand out with its clumping habits and wave-like leaves!  This moss is not a fast-spreading moss, instead putting all its energy into growing long strands.


You will receive a 32 oz container, measuring 7"long x 6" tall x 3" tall filled with live moss!


Lighting requirements: medium to bright artificial indirect light. It does not like direct sunlight light.

Temperature: 60-80 degrees

Watering needs: Does best when constantly moist, but not saturated or soaking wet. This can be achieved with misting. It should not look dry.

Humidity requirements: High humidity 60-90%


This moss was grown on a sustainable moss farm. Not taken directly from nature. 

Live Mood Moss (Dicranum scoparium) 32oz