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How much substrate do I need?

5 gallon- 1x 6qt bag

10 gallon- 2x 6qt bag

20-gallon- 4x 6qt bags

40 gallon- 5x 6qt bags 

8" x 8"- 1-3qt bag

12" x 12"- 1-6qt bag

18" x 18"- 3-6qt bags 

24" x 18-  5-6qt bags

Which substrate is right for my animal?

This question is best answered by finding out which habitat your animal comes from. The substrate is the foundation of your animal's home. 

Ackies Monitor - Grassland

African Egg Eater Snake - Grassland

African Fat-Tailed Gecko - Grassland

Amazon Milk Frog - Rainforest

Asian Forest Scorpion - Forest Floor

Ball Python - Grassland

Basilisk - Rainforest

Bearded Dragon - Grassland

Blue Tongue Skink - Rainforest

California King Snake - Grassland

Carpet Python - Grassland

Caribbean Cave Roaches - Forest Floor

Chahoua - Rainforest

Children's Python - Grassland

Chinese Cave Gecko - Rainforest

Chinese Water Dragon - Rainforest

Chubby Frog - Rainforest

Corn Snake - Grassland

Crested Gecko - Rainforest

Desert Hairy Scorpion - Desert

Domino Roaches - Forest Floor

Emeral Swift - Rainforest

Emperor Scorpion - Forest Floor

Madagascar Day Gecko - Rainforest

Madagascar Hissing Roach - Forest Floor

Mantella - Rainforest

Feigning Death Beetle - Desert Desert

Fire Belly Toad - Rainforest

Fire Skink - Rainforest

Frilled Dragon - Grassland

Frog Eyed Gecko - Desert

Gargoyle Gecko - Rainforest

Garter Snake - Grassland

Gold Dust Day Gecko - Rainforest

Gopher Snake - Grassland

Green Anole - Rainforest

Green Iguana - Rainforest

Green Tree Python - Rainforest

Hognose Snake - Grassland

Horned Frog - Rainforest

Isopod - Forest Floor

Jeweled Lacerta - Grassland

Leachianus Gecko - Rainforest

Leopard Gecko - Desert

Leopard Tortoise - Grassland

Madagascar Day Gecko - Rainforest

Madagascar Hissing Roach - Forest Floor

Mantella - Rainforest

Milk Snake - Grassland

Millipede - Forest Floor

Monkey Tailed Skink - Rainforest

Mossy Leaf Tail Gecko - Rainforest

Ornate Box Turtle - Grassland

Panther Chameleon - Rainforest

Pink Toed Tarantula - Rainforest

Pixie Frog - Grassland

Rainbow Boa - Rainforest

Rat Snake - Grassland

Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink - Rainforest

Red-Eyed Tree Frog - Rainforest

Red Footed Tortoise - Rainforest

Red Tail Boa Constrictor - Rainforest

Rhino Iguana - Rainforest

Rock Iguana - Grassland

Rose Hair Tarantula - Grasslands

Rosy Boa - Desert

Russian Tortoise - Grasslands

Sand Boa - Desert

Savanna Monitor - Grasslands

Sheltapousek - Grassland

Southern Toad - Grassland

Sulcata Tortoise - Grassland

Tegu - Rainforest

Tokay Gecko - Rainforest

Tomato Frog - Rainforest

Uromax - Desert

Veiled Chameleon - Rainforest

Vietnamese Mossy Frog - Rainforest

VIneagaroon - Desert

Whip Scorpion - Forest Floor

Whites Tree Frog - Rainforest

Using substrate that best mimics your animal habitat will help give them a home that meets their humidity needs, is more naturalistic and looks great!. Sometimes this can be a bit tricky as there is not a clear line in nature where a rainforest starts and the grassland begins. Taking into consideration the humidity needs your animal requires can also help you choose.

Photo of Forest Floor product logo.
Photo of rainforest BioActive Supply logo
Photo of Grassland BioActive Supply logo
Photo of Desert BioActive Supply logo.

Forest Floor Substrate is for animals that get nutrition from decomposing matter on the forest floor. This substrate is also a diet. It is excellent at holding humidity but can be kept dry if needed.

Rainforest Substrate is for animals that have high humidity needs of 70 to 100% Their natural habitat would be the rainforest. A drainage layer is necessary.

Grassland Substrate is for animals that have humidity needs of 30%- 70%. The substrate on the surface will become dry and the deeper substrate will remain damp creating a gradient in humidity.

Desert Substrate is for animals that have humidity needs of less than 30%.

Look for the habitat label on
each of our products.

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