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This kit does not include alive Fruit Flies.


Our BioActive Supply Fruit Fly Culture Kit is the perfect way to create the next generation of fruit flies for your animals diet. Our culture mix is made of all organic, natural, nutrient filled ingredients.  Everything is included: 32 oz cup, pouch of media, excelsior, 32oz cup, and mesh lid. 


To use empty media pouch in to bottom of 32 oz cup. Add 3/4 cup of very warm water. Stir until thourouly mixed. Add excelsior, pushing slightly into media. Add lid immeditaly and wait to cool. Add 50-60 of either Hyeidi or Melanogaster Fruit Flies. Keep culture stored at 72 degrees. In about 2 weeks the culture will be ready to start feeding out to your colony. 

Fruit Fly Culture Kit

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