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This kit has everything you need to assemble an amazing 40-gallon Grasslands habitat enclosure. 


This kit includes:

2x  6qt BioActive Grasslands Substrate

1x  24qt BioActive Grasslands Substrate

2x  bags of Leaf Litter

1x  small Cork Oak Flat

1x  medium Cork Oak Flat or 2x small Cork Oak Flat

1x small Slate Rock

1x medium Slate Rock


A Grasslands BioActive habitat is a perfect habitat for any animal requiring 30% to 60% humidity. Including the Ackies Monitor, African Egg Eater Snake, African Fat-Tailed Gecko, Ball Python, Bearded Dragon, California King Snake, Carpet Python, Children's Python, Corn Snake, Frilled Dragon, Gater Snake, Hog Nose Snake, Jeweled Lacerta, Leopard Tortoise, Milk Snake, Ornate Box Turtle, Pixie Frog, Rat Snake, Rock Iguana, Rose Hair Tarantula, Russian Tortoise, Savanna Monitor, Sheltapousek, Southern Toad, Sulcata Tortoise, and many more!

Grasslands BioActive 40-Gallon Starter Set-up Kit

$129.00 Regular Price
$119.00Sale Price